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Solar Lid Light - with Handle/Hanger

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Mason Jars are back!  So practical, so many uses and so many sizes.  That said, get your own.

No really, this is just the lid and it is very cool.  They screw onto most size mason jars (not the really big ones) and offer all kinds of lighting fun.  The top of the lid is a solar panel, powering a small but mighty light underneath. You may leave it outside or inside under a regular lamp or florescent light to charge. When the lights goes out (or you cover the panel) the lid light comes on. If your jar is tinted or filled with flowers all the better! Can be used on the patio, to mark the walkway, inside as a nightlight or mood lighting when candles are a hazard.

The color band comes in Brown or Galvanized Silver

We also offer them with no handle in silver.